Second Hand Mobility Scooters Can Save You Money

Second hand mobility scooters played an important role in my daughter’s college education. During her freshman year she was struck with an illness that caused her to lose the use of both legs for a period of time. Fortunately for her and us, there was a second hand mobility scooter available for her to use to go between classes. Without its availability we might have been forced to get a new one at a way higher cost.

Motorized mobility scooters are generally vehicles with a single-seat that are created to assist the mobility handicapped. They could be electric, battery operated or gas-run vehicles with 3 or 4 wheels that can be maneuvered with a handlebar like one found on bicycles or by a tiller. Often they have comfortable cushioned seats as well as flat areas for footrests.

Many makes of new and second hand mobility scooters can be found on the market. Models are generally designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Many of the scooters can be completely taken apart and placed in storage when not needed. The chairs are attached to swiveling rods to increase mobility on upscale models. Additionally, on some models, there might also be an option permitting the chair to recline so that it can be used for a short nap. Several added features may be offered by different makers, but one feature that is fairly universal is the carrier, generally mounted in front beneath the handlebar.

Of the variously powered models, the most common are the battery-operated mobility scooters. Generally, they have a running time of up to eight to ten hours provided by 2 12-volt cyclic batteries. Charging sockets on each side of the base allow the rider to charge the scooter while still seated on it. The majority of mobility scooters can travel at speeds between four to eight miles per hour and are highly flexible.

People with mobility difficulties, whether disabled or elderly greatly appreciate the freedom that mobility scooters provide. Many who have concerns about using wheelchairs have begun using mobility scooters in stead of motorized wheelchairs. Sometimes mobility scooters are actually prescribed by physicians for people with various mobility handicaps.

It is highly advantageous to the consumer to have a prescription since most medical insurance policies will cover the complete price of the mobility scooter. However, even in the absence of a prescription, they are VAT-exempt for people that are mobility challenged.

Most mobility scooters are generally priced between $550 and $1,200, varying according to their included features. Thus they are truly cheap when compared to motorized wheelchairs, and that helps explain their incredible proliferation in the market.

The 4 wheel models provide greater stability when used outdoors where the terrain may be rough or uneven. However, the 3 wheel versions provide a much shorter turning radius which is a great advantage when used indoors. As a result, handicapped people who are active often have one of each.

If you are in the market for a mobility scooter, consider purchasing a second hand mobility scooter that is in good condition. Many people need a mobility scooter for only a short period, for example following an accident until recovery. That was the case with the second hand mobility scooter that my daughter was able to acquire. Others may use one only in the last year or so prior to passing on and thus the scooters have very little wear and tare. So before going out and purchasing a new one, take a look at what second hand mobility scooters are currently available on the market and save yourself some of your hard earned money.

Finding Affordable Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are scooters that are designed to provide easier walking to older people or people who have limited mobility. In usual circumstances, such individuals would need to rely on others to move from one place to another, but with mobility scooters, they get to be as independent as they can be and they can even enjoy some time alone without any worries. The scooters are made to offer them easy mobility and they can therefore lead normal lives without having to depend on anyone.

The Benefits

The mobility scooters come with a variety of benefits which include independence. It can be frustrating for an adult to have to rely on another to move from one place to another. Everyone has the need to be as independent as they can be and this is one of the benefits of purchasing the scooters. Whether living in facilities or at home, the individuals can move independently.

The scooters also come with the advantage of preventing falls which can lead to painful bruises and injuries and even broken bones. Seniors can now move freely without worrying about falls, because the scooters are designed safe for use indoors and outdoors. They also make healing faster for adults who are recovering from illnesses or injuries since they eliminate extended rest periods that can extend the conditions. The scooters also offer an easy shopping for the individuals. They are created to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion and risky falls and you can carry boxes and bags from the shopping areas. The seniors and other individuals using the scooters can now enjoy shopping with the rest of the family or alone without any worries.

Finding the Best

When it comes to equipment for people with restricted mobility, many think they are expensive. In as much as this is usually true because of the features of such items, it is possible for you to find discount mobility scooters. There are specialists available who offer amazing discounts for the important and helpful scooters to suit all your mobility needs. Whether you are on home care on in assisted facility, you can now enjoy those moments like going put for some sun or spending quality time with grandchildren without worrying that your disability will come in the way. You will be the independent soul that you want to be with discount mobility scooters which are pocket friendly.

When shopping for a mobility scooter, always look for dealers who have a good reputation and experience in the business. This is because with the right experience, they know the most important features and they therefore will have scooter options that will match with your individual preferences. The scooters are designed in different sizes from the small, midsized and larger scooters. You should choose a size that is just right for you and leaves you feeling comfortable enough when moving around. The quality of your scooters, including discount mobility scooters should matter. The materials constructing it can help you determine its quality and it can in turn determine functionality and durability.